Scene mode basic hack

I love the Scene Mode bestest on la Keystep.

By simply using a guitar capo and a plectrum, I can keep the “Scene” button pressed down, and so have a makeshift “Latch-Scene” option. (I have my keystep slighly suspended on a stand so there is some room underneath).

Now I can play away on the keys and suddenly trigger a new scene, to experiment with chord changes and song structure.

It’s not a perfect fit- I use a G7 art capo which is happy to slide off. Its too expensive to modify by cutting off some rubber, at least for me right now, so I will be on the lookout in hardware stores for a suitable peg or clamp.

But I’m very happy to have found a way to use the Pro like this.

Maybe you have already thought of a better way?

Also: Currently, when loading a scene, the active track is whichever track was activated at the point the scene was saved. I would love it if the active track could continue unchanged as I switch scenes, allowing me to jam across the 4 tracks and the many scenes.

Either way, great fun!

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