Scene-Launch-Quantize: odd (buggy?) behaviour

Hello Arturia peeps

I’m trying to get my KSP to launch a scene change at the end of a pattern, or at least at the end of a bar. As of firmware version this functionality seems to be broken, or am I missing something?

The menu options and behaviour my KSP exabits do not align with what the manual says. Either the manual is wrong or the firmware is. I suspect the latter because setting the scane-luanch-quatize to anything but “1 beat” exabits seemingly arbitrary and unpredictable behaviour. No matter what I do I can’t get the scene to change on the 1st beat of the 1st bar of a pattern. It’s always 1/2 a bar or a whole bar early or late - no matter what the Scene-Launch-Quantize setting is set to.

Than manual says their should be 1/2 bar option in the scene-launch quantize menu: There isn’t. The 1, 2,3 or 4 bar options do not do what the manual says they should do (as described above). There isn’t a “pattern end” option at all: why not?

You get my point - I’m having trouble with this. Is it me or have I found a bug?

Thanks from England


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