Save Screen in Logic Flashes for Quarter Second & Goes Away

When I go to Save a Project after recording a Keyboard track in Logic Pro X and only with the Keyboard On and plugged into my iMac via "USB"with my din switch on KeyStep 37 is set to the “Internal” setting.

“If I got to close the Project without first saving it up top using the File>Save , the Save Screen Flashes so fast and cannot access it to Save. If I turn Keyboard off, everything works as normal. I’m convinced I have some setting that needs to be tweaked in Logic or Arturia software. This happens even with Apple Logic Plugins as well”

The only thing I could suggest is deleting the Logic preferences as a start. I am grasping at straws but are you using an external monitor as well? Is the Mac set to mirror the internal display? Is the keyboard mains powered or running off USB? Have you tried using another USB port?

Thanks for the reply. My iMac has all its updates and the only preference s. I may have changed are Audio. It’s an iMac so it’s an Apple all in one. No external monitors… if I plug the keystep to the imac with the USB cable and have din switches on back, on the USB setting, the sequencer doesn’t work. If I set the switches to Internal the Sequencer will work.

I would still try reseting the Logic Pro settings file and the control surfaces preferences as per this Apple recommendation:

You should have GarageBand installed or be able to install it for free from the App Store. You could try saving a project in that with the controller connected to see what happens. If you have the same issue, it is unlikely to be Logic and more likely the controller.

No external monitors. It’s an iMac. All in one.
Incidentally I work for Apple, so I’m familiar with my computer. Have the latest updates, etc. But audio has been my thing up until now. First time using a midi keyboard. Midi I am not that familiar with.

Thanks. I may try Garage Band. I have that. One question. Am I supposed to be using USB or Internal. I’ve been using Internal because that’s the only way the sequencer will work. I don’t even know how to set Control Surfaces. I know I have No Control Surfaces because I wasn’t sure how to set them. I stumbled on that setting once. But they are not set.I know they can control your DAW functions with the controller but do I have to even use Control Surfaces if I’d like to use iMac keyboards for controlling Logic. Is that ok or do I need to set up Control Surfaces? Again, these are things I just don’t know and perhaps that is what my problem is. I have no Control Surfaces set. I forgot where to go to find Control Surfaces. Thanks again for your help.

Firstly, I would suggest you acquaint yourself with the Keystep 37 manual regarding the sync options. Chapter 6 covers the DIP switch settings and the sync options.

By default Logic will receive MIDI info from the Keystep. Using a USB cable you should set the Keystep to (slave) USB where the DAW will control the clock (ie tempo).

All of the above is a little off topic and doesnt address your initial problem of the disappearing Save dialog. To try and resolve that, I would suggest testing in GarageBand to see if it exhibits a similar behavior and I would repeat my suggestion to delete Logics preferences as detailed in an earlier response.

Sorry. I am dancing around different topics because I really don’t know. I have the manual. Seems confusing to me and not straightforward for using a DAW. Maybe it’s me and I’m just not getting it. So your saying it has to be set to slave. I have not tried that setting. I will try that and see if the Sequencer works on that setting. Thanks again.

Also I ordered a replacement keyboard and tried it and it did the exact same thing. I set it to USB and no sequencer.also did not work. Set it to internal and it worked. Also did the fast flash saving a Logic project. So I don’t think it’s the keyboard.

I am saying (and it would help you if you read the manual or found a Youtube video that explains) that setting the switches to USB slave means Logic will determine the tempo. In either internal or slave, the keyboard will work in that it triggers notes and allows you to play plugins in Logic.

So, putting that knowledge issue to one side, the keyboard is not the issue. Did you try GarageBand as I suggested? Have you deleted the Logic preference file as I suggested? Until you can try out my suggestions I cant really help any more as troubleshooting is a process of elimination.