Saturdays surprise

Its Saturday, its time to share:

Pigments_Preset_Last Breath_Larry Poulton.pgtx (118.6 KB)

NOTE: use the Mod Wheel … :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing, I like this preset a lot! Upon importing, Pigments complained about a classy.wav file missing, not sure if this is crucial or not, but thought to inform you about it.

Thanks for the feedback. Classy.wav is used but disabled on the Utility Engine, so its absence is not affecting the patch. The wav is part of the Arturia category “Space Keys” if you want to find the sample.

Yes, so I thought too, cause the preset is great! But you never know :slight_smile:

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Hello and thanks for sharing.
For the moment I haven’t yet deepened the exploration of pigments and innovating for presets that will be my own,
it must also be a bit of laziness of mind and too much in search for my future compositions.
Musical Friendship.