Sample - how to fine-tune the pitch of a sample?

If there is no parameter for tuning the sample I’m using, I’d very much like to have one. Also, to save time, please add an auto-tuning sample function which sets the root note to the sample’s detected root. Logic’s Quick Sampler can do this and it is a nice time saver.

For now, I’d love to know the best way to fine-tune the pitch of samples. I suppose I could do this before I send them to Freak, but would love to be able to do this on device.

“I suppose I could do this before I send them to Freak” → you can do this with AUDACITY (freeware) very simply.

Hey, encountered a similar problem, when the note frequency in SawX was off - I was playing D#3, but the resulting note was A#5 - more than 2 octaves away. Expected to find something in the patch settings to pitch it down a few semitones, but didn’t.

Kinda solved it, by using a CycEnv x Pitch in a Matrix, with a looping Cycling Envelope, 0 Rise, 0 Fall, max sustain, max amount - and control the shift by the Matrix knob. Not the best way to do it I bet, but I was able to pitch it down the needed amount. Hope this helps.

I used minimeters to see what freq the notes hit, but I bet any daw eq can do that.

If there was a better way I would also love to know.

**UPD. **
A more precise way to do it this way, is to overshoot with the matrix knob and fine-tune with Cyclic env. amount.