Sample frequency issues

I am using a Minifuse4 with a 13" MacBookPro M1, Ventura OS.
I produce with LogicPro and play live with GigPerformer.
During a soundcheck before a gig last Friday I run into serious problems. After some checks I found GigPerformer reporting sample frequency as 48 Khz while Minifuse control center reported 44 Khz.
I tried to reboot three times because control center was not working and no audio was on output.
After some panic I set GigPerformer in 44 Khz and everything started to work properly.
I completed the gig without problems.
Of course mismatch on sample frequency was the issue. But you cannot change that on control centre… I was thinking control center takes the frequency from core audio inside MacOS.
Any suggestion to solve the issue?
I will try to replicate the “bug” at home very soon

Hi @Furio welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Sorry to read this, in order to help you better and log this bug properly please log in to your account to contact our Technical support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap: