Rush Song Patches

Hello fellow Rush fans,

I was wondering if anyone that has the Arturia V Collection 9 like I do/am new to and getting acquainted with, has come across any patches that are used in Rush songs, mainly from the Farewell to Kings to Power Windows albums era, and if you can reply with the instrument, patch number etc. etc.

Would be great if Arturia came up with a set of sounds like they did for Toto and Pink Floyd, which I have purchased as well.

I’m also into Gary Numan, Ultravox, Styx, Queen, Night Ranger, The Who, Van Halen, and of course numerous 80’s artists like Survivor (when synths ruled the world LOL!), so if there are any additional songs/patches that can be shared that would be great, thank you so much!


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Hey Dave,

I don’t have the full V collection, only Lab V and the full B-3 V. But a lot of the presets take tweaking very well. There’s one for the Oberheim that’s close to the melody in the bridge to Tom Sawyer, I’m messing with it. If I can get it down, I’ll happily share it.

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Thank you! Appreciate it.

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Hi !
Rush fan and also V Collection owner user (since V5), here!

As of now there is no official Rush Soundbank from Arturia, but there are some guys selling custom present packs on the web.-

It is tricky to find Rush themed presets on Analog Lab by name, as they won’t be called exactly like the song itself, but I see there is currently a “T. Sawyer” preset on it, but strangely it is done on the Roland Jupiter synth, and not the Oberheim V!

If you don’t try a third party preset pack then the next option would be to try creating them yourself (mainly the Moog and Oberheim sounds), and to that end check this YouTube vids that will surely help you:

The Moog Taurus sounds (“bass pedals”) can easily be achieved on the Mini V.
The even earlier sounds on 2112 (ARP Odyssey and Mellotron, played by art designer Hugh Syme) can also be achieved on V Collection with ARP 2600 V and Mellotron V respectively :slightly_smiling_face:

Have fun!

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Hi JulioEr!

It sounds very nice! Thanks for sharing it!

Hope we can see a Rush Bank for the Analog Lab :smiley:

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