Routing through 4i4 to External synth?

Hi All,

Could use some help - what is the best routing for using keylab mkii to control an external synth? I’m using OSX 13.4, USB from mkii to 4i4 Scarlett, to Yamaha TX7.

I’ve been able to setup and load original banks to TX7, but have gotten myself confused trying to set up midi studio and using mkii. The TX7 has midi in/out/ thru

I also use Logic Pro…

Thanks in advance.

Hi @BigEli and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

Yep, we can sure help you with this, we’re all new once! :sunglasses:

You will be fine using USB to connect your KeyLab to your Mac.
OS version is irrelevant here as this method is as old as, well it’s pretty old now :wink:
I do not use logic so you will have to figure this part out yourself, it shouldn’t be difficult though.
Create a midi track in logic and set the input port to your KeyLab.
You will need at least one ‘DIN’ midi cable to connect your TX7 to your 4i4, you should do this by connecting the cable to the midi out socket on the rear of your 4i4 and to the midi in socket on the rear of your TX7.
Make sure the midi track in logic, on your KeyLab and TX7 are all on the same midi channel.
If you want to monitor the output of your TX7 in logic, you should also create an audio channel in logic, connect the audio outputs of your TX7 to the line inputs of your 4i4 and assign the inputs of your 4i4 to the audio track in logic.

If you do all that correctly you should be up and running!

If you want to manage, save and recall patches/sysex from the same logic project, then it’s a good idea to use two midi cables. Connect the second one to the midi in port on your interface and the other end to the midi out on your TX7, you’ll now be able to sysex dump the relevant state of your TX7 to the project also. Handy for if you wish to make changes if you are not happy with a recording and wish to go back to the exact same settings on your TX7 to tweak and rerecord.

Hope that all makes sense!

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Much appreciated @matjones - I almost had it…but now seems like I’ve got it just as you described and working. Many thanks!

That’s good to hear! :sunglasses:

Time to make some music now!