Rig 16 does not keep sample rate after power down?

I have my Audiofuse 16rig connected via adat to a Focusrite Scarlet Octopre to get an additional 8 inputs and outputs. I have the Octopre set to 48khz sample rate as a slave. I match the sample rate in Audiofuse Control Center. Everything works great except for one thing. Every time I power up the Rig16 it starts up in 44.1khz sample rate. I saved a preset with the sample rate set to 48khz but apparently the sample rate is not part of the preset since the sample rate drops back to 44.1khz even though it defaults to my preset. Even more irritating is that I cannot change the sample rate from the front panel of the 16rig. The setting to change the rate is grayed out in the Rig16 panel and does not let me change it. I can only change it via the software. And I have to change it each time I turn it on or the Octopre will obviously not work. Is this a bug? or is there some setting I missed?