Ribbon and Morphée as CC (or combination of CCs)


as it is, it is not possible to midi record the use of both the morphee and the ribbon. This is a real tough miss, as one is required to record the audio instead of the midi if the intention is to make use of the expressiveness of those controllers.
Is there any reason for not exposing both the morphée and the ribbon as a midi CC (or potentially a combination of CCs for the morphée) and thus make them available for use in a DAW with powerful midi capabilities, or other hardware controllers?

There are so many interesting possibilities using those control elements…
Thanks, Marcus

EDIT: It seems this was added in Firmware 2.0:

  • Ribbon controller is now able to send and receive CC message 9
  • Morphée controller X/Y/Z axes are now able to send CC messages 114, 115 and 89

Is it not working?

I think I figured it out. If you have Polybrute Connect running and connected to your Polybrute (even on another track), it swallows everything up, so your DAW won’t see the MIDI CC messages.

I opened a new Project in Ableton and just used the Polybrute as a MIDI controller, and all the MIDI CCs created Envelopes as expected.

EDIT: Unfortunately, even though it has recorded the MIDI CCs from my performance, when I play the MIDI back to the Polybrute, it doesn’t seem to do anything with the Morphee and Ribbon CC data.

EDIT 2: Looks like the Polybrute not responding to MIDI CCs for its controls was reported in 2021 and 2022 in the old forum, and still does not work properly.

Yes, after removing Connect and restarting the DAW, MIDI CC for Ribbon and Morphée are coming in and can be recorded, but, as you said, playing back does not have any effect.

I will then open another thread and ask this one to be closed.

Hi @giitr

I’ll leave this up and alter the title as other people often find this kind of thread useful in their journey to fully understanding their own equipment. :sunglasses: