Removing default functions from knobs and faders

I want to assign 9 knobs and 9 faders on my Keylab MKII 88 to control VST quick controls in Cubase but these knobs and faders are automatically assigned to control volume and panning of each of the different tracks. My goal is to remove these default functions from the knobs and faders so that there will no longer be overlapping functions. I believe this is done from the Arthuria Midi Control Center but I don’t know how to do it exactly. Can I ask for your help?

Hi @emirsinan and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

I don’t have a KL88 myself, so i’m having to take a guess as i don’t have time to go through The Manual myself at the current moment.
Is it not changeable from The Arturia Midi Control Center?


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Make sure you aren’t using DAW control.
You can then again any of these controls to whatever you want. If CB uas a learn function just click on the control you want and move a slider or fader on the keyboard.
In User mode you can have say, Part 1 controlling all the faders as normal, and pressing Part 2 can call up your own settings.
There’s a bit more to it than that, which i can’t go in to as ive not used CB to do this, but that’s the principle.