Relative Knob Modes, What are they?

Hi, I’ve had my BSP for a while now, but have just found the relative knob modes and wondered what they are for and how would I use them. I found no info in either the hardware or software manuals, so am seeking help here.

The only thing I found on the internet was an old unanswered topic from 10 years ago on the legacy forum.

I’m using MuLab on Windows 11 and am trying to get the knobs to work in pickup mode for plugins and Mux presets. Does anyone know how this works? Are these relative modes dependant on the host having scripting abilities?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @sl23 . Welcome to the community.

I presume you ask about normal controls controlling parameters.

FYI: You search too narrow, if you only search for BSP results. Your question is generel and not product specific. I have been replying to topics about relative modes.

Relative modes only work with endless encoders. It make increaments or decrements to a current value send to it from the software it shall control. So the control is allways in the right position so to speak.

Absolute modes have the value the position of the control have. So if the value of a parameter is different, then the parameter will jump. Different kinds of “Pick Up” or “Soft Take over” modes excist to handle this. It can be a mode where the parameter do not move before the control is in the right position. Or it can be different kinds of scale modes where the control position and the parameter position go towards eachother so you get a soft take over. The parameter will not jump directly to the controls position. Often you only see this modes on faders.

And yes both ends of the signal needs to support a feature to work.

Hope this helps. Otherwise you might find more info on the web. Perhaps even videos. Perhaps not using BSP.

Thank you for your reply, that’s a great help.

So is this a host issue? I’ve tried setting the relative mode to all three settings and none seem to work on any synth I try. According to the app ShowMidi, relative mode just switches between two different values. So either the host needs to recognise this or each individual plugin does, which is it? Hopefully it’s the Host. :slight_smile:

No not just the host.

For example a parameter in a synth need to be set to a relative mode, if you wish it to be controlled by a encoder set to a relative mode.