Recording morphing

Dear fellow Brutes,
I wonder if I just can’t get my head around it, or if it’s not possible. Here’s what I’d like to do:
I’d like to record Morphee movements with the morphee set to Matrix mode, and to record the Morph knob movement to morph between sounds.

What I get though, if I record morph knob movement into Ableton, is always morphee x-y-automation. As long as the morphee is set to morph mode, all good, but if it’s set to matrix mode, as soon as I play back my recording the values routed to morphee x and y change, but no morphing.

A bit many morphs in here, I hope you understand what I mean. apparently, the morph knob is not recognized as an own automation source in Ableton. Just in case: I’m aware of the possibility to record the morph knob as midi CC #3, but that doesn’t help, as the PB only receives that when PB connect is deactivated, and then again it won’t receive midi data for the morphee… you know the Spiel.

Did anyone come up with a solution for this yet, or am I just not getting it?

Thanks and kindest regards