Recording Morphee movement in Logic pro x

I’m using Logic pro 10.8.1, polybrute connect, polybrute FW, Mac os Sonoma 14.2.1 on Imac Pro 2017.
I’m trying to record and replay Morphee morphing in my daw but without success :frowning:
I have setup a virtual instrument track with Polybrut connect on it. I’m recording polybrute midi data in this track. When I’m recording what I’m playing on the polybrute, polybrute connect show me movement on the morphee but when I replay the track, polybrute is not replaying the morphee movement nor the polybrut connect show me movement on the morphee.
I’ve seen the tutorial on how to setup a Daw with polybrute connect ( and, in Live, the recording seems working. So what I’m doing wrong ?
Thanks in advance for your help.