Recording midi track on DB Impact sent from a DAW

This is something I have done with the Microfreak and the Matrixbrute. But I can’t do it with the DB Impact with Cubase 12 or Reaper.

I export an Addictive Drum track on a midi track sending to the DB Impact on channel 10 to a pattern on DBI.

I tried syncing the DBI on int and usb.
I hit record on the DBI and launch Cubase and the DBI simultaneously.

The result is chaos or gibberish. Can’t understand what is going on.

I should stick to golf like Trump :sleeping: (I don’t play golf)? Maybe it’s a topic on the legacy forum.

It seems to be working as expected this morning. I slept on it (la nuit porte conseil).
I also disconnected clock and midi cable leaving only usb on DBI.
Maybe the chaos impression was due to the necessary drum editing from one drum to another. The Tom can sound like a Kick, so you get a Heavy metal roll kick in a Bossanova :thinking:.

Here’s how I procede:

  1. Edit the drum track to be sent
  2. Erase the pattern on DBI
  3. Extend the pattern (64 notes= 4 bars, 16 notes= 1 bar)
    Caveat: Press SHIFT + Extend to extend the pattern.
  4. Synchronize Tempo on DAW and DBI
  5. Hit record on DBI and launch track on both simultaneously
    Caveat: Set Quantize to 32 or unquantize if you get strange results.
  6. Save pattern on DBI.
    You don’t need to swith Sync; it can be Internal.

if ever someone has suggestions on the best way to send midi tracks from a DAW to a synth, comments are welcomed. :writing_hand:

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Hey @francoise thanks a lot for sharing your experience with the DrumBrute Impact.

Did you tried to configure your DAW with our MIDI Control Center? I might be wrong but normally that’s the way to send MIDI tracks to your controller.


Best :zap:

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Hi Nats,

I’m puzzled (intrigued). I will learn something.

Configure a DAW with Midi control center?
You probably mean configure a controller to be used with a DAW. The short answer is no.
I understand that the controller configuration has implications for the DAW, like channel settings, drum pad settings or ppq, which I know will affect the DAW but which I don’t fully understand. With DB Impact, I only turned off the Las Vegas show.
What would be things to look for in an optimal setting for a DAW,?

I can’t use the Midi control center to send a MIDI track to a controller, can I? By pasting a midi track in the Midi control center? That would be great.

Unfortunately, you can’t drop a midi track into the Midi Control Center (do you believe in magic!). I tried with Cubase 12 Elements and Reaper.

Loopop sends midi tracks to Impact from Ableton the way I do with Cubase, after drum editing. But he does it in internal Sync mode.
I thought I needed to switch Sync to usb. It can be done in Internal mode.

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Hey @francoise indeed I meant the MIDI control center is to control de DAW :slight_smile:

So I was guessing if your MIDI track comes from your DAW then you should be able to do what you’re attempting to do… But if you already tested and it doesn’t work then I believe in magic lol.

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“I meant the MIDI control center is to control the DAW”

I don’t get it: to me the Midi control center only controls the controller or synth. :thinking:

Do you believe in magic is an old time song by the Loving Spoonful. :bowl_with_spoon:

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Hi @francoise

I regularly record by DBI with this setup, however, please keep in mind you only need to have the USB cable connected and leave Sync on USB.

Using extra cables such as Clock and MIDI might cause extra notes to be played like you reported. (Clock and MIDI signal are being sent by USB so these extra cables are not needed)

I hope this can be useful for future recordings

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Thank you, Angeville,

I’ll give it another try. On Reaper and/or Cubase, simply sending Start and Midi timecode to while DBI is on record simply resulted in preventing DBI from recording: when Cubase starts. DBI stops recording.
I should try the Midi sync on DBI instead of USB sync. It’s Midi through USB with the USB Midi driver.

Hi Angeville,

You’re right. It does work with DBI on Reaper and Cubase. With USB sync, you simply press record on DBI and hit play in the DAW.
Midi time code (and clock?) has to be sent to DBI in Cubase Transport sync options.
In Cubase, DBI has to be set to channel 10 in Cubase (ANY won’t work).
Une singularité allemande, sans doute. :upside_down_face:

I tried recording Beatstep pro three tracks in Cubase 13 (elements).
I set up and arm three tracks.
In Transport, I check send Timecode, Clock, send Start to BST Pro.
I press start on BST, then click record on Cubase. BST stops after on note.
I tried with BST sync USB and Midi.
it’s also what I experienced with DBI.
So I do things manually (starting BST and Cubase recording at the same time).

The problem with BST recording in a DAW may also be a channel problem. I usually use BST in a standalone context.