Recording midi output of sequencer in Pigments

Hi there people, my first post so go easy on me.

I’m using an M2 Macbook Pro with Logic 10.8.1 and Pigments 5.0.1. I’m aware that Audio Units do not allow for harnessing or manipulating MIDI-out, whereas VST’s in other DAW’s do allow for this and therefore recording the MIDI output from the sequencer in Pigments is very simple to set up. Now, Pigments also comes in standalone as we all know, and I’m curious if the MIDI output data can somehow be recorded. Not the audio just to be clear, it’s specifically the MIDI output of the sequencer I’d like to record. I have MIDIHUB and Midipipe and have asked on both their forums but to no avail. I can’t believe this is apparently so difficult to acheive.

Also just so you know, I’ve tried setting the output midi in Pigments standalone to be all manner of options and then set the corresponding MIDI input on a record armed MIDI track in Logic…sadly this doesn’t work, which is why I’m asking this same question on about 5 different forums.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, thank you kind people for your time.


Hi @Chrisw79 . Welcome to the community.

I’m not on MAC.

I’m not sure if Pigments output the midi from the standalone application. But if it does, then perhaps you can try this:
Record MIDI messages from another music app in Logic Pro for Mac:

Please let the community know, if it work.

Perhaps you also can find a simple host app that can record the VST output.

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After turning on the IAC Driver in Apple’s MIDI Studio, setting standalone Pigments to listen to it, and setting up an Ableton track to output MIDI on it, I was able to get Pigments to listen to MIDI output by Ableton. But I was not able to get it to work the opposite direction. I can’t see a way to get standalone Pigments to output its sequencer MIDI.

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Unfortunately the way suggested in that apple guide doesn’t work (at least not with pigments midi out). You mentioned a vst might help, I did try with Blue Cat Audio Patchwork but it kept crashing. I’ve also tried with the IAC driver and opening Logic’s MIDI environment and trying what I saw had been said to be a work around but I just can’t get it going. I thought the MIDIHUB by BLOKAS that I bought would be able to do it with ease but I’ve had no response over there and it’s a fairly steep learning curve which maybe I’ll have to return to one day. But for now I’m going to give up after today…that’s 3 days I’ve spent on this I think that’s as far as I can go. Thanks very much for your time though.
Cheers for now!


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Hi Talahamut, I have to agree. I know Bitwig and Cubase can do it by simple track placements but I’m not switching DAW’s just for a sequencer output so I’ll have to just sulk for a while and move on, thanks a lot for your time though much appreciated. Cheers!

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