Recording Live During Pattern Chaining

Hi, I’m using the KeyStep Pro Stand alone sending information to 3 synths and a drum machine via midi. I’ve been trying to record over a chain, 2 64 step patterns. When I get to the fourth bar of the first pattern, my notes are there, but the gate information is very short to the point where nothing plays. I have a similar issue on the first bar of the second pattern though more often or not, when the pattern changes my notes on the down beat are lost. I’d really love to know if this will ever be worked on and if others have the same issue. I did a factory rest, turned quantize off etc. The only way I can get around the issue is by editing those notes after I play. The live looping features were was drew me to the product.

Hey I also use the KSP standalone to play live recording chains. Are you sure the gates on the second pattern arent just reverting to the default gate? If thats the case you would have to ‘prep’ your patterns before you play them. That swhat I have to do, for instance I always use the full 64 steps in every pattern, so I have to guess how many im going to need, go through each pattern and extend the length to the full 4 pages before hand so I dont have to do it duriong the performance. Its tedious andf I wish it would just default to last state