Recording CC data in Cubase

Hi, I’m using Cubase 13 , Studio Mac. Minifreak V with linked Hardware and VST.
Live playing works well. I can’t seem to get Cubase to see the CC data being sent via knobs on either VST or Hardware. The knobs work , they apply the control to the sound , but are not being sent to the track . I don’t want to use an external midi controller on CC74 to send filter data when I have the hardware knob right there to do it live . I feel this is my lack of brain capacity , and not the software - help pls !

Hi @RGW and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Fellow Cubase/MF user too, although i’m still on C12 Pro currently.
Are you inadvertently filtering out CC data?
From the top menus; ‘Edit/Preferences’…

The two boxes i’ve highlighted on the right should be unchecked, as in the pic above.

You might also want to check the MF Manual P 118/120


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