Recording a sequence as midi into ableton

Hey guys,
I’ve created a sequence in minifreak & Minifreak V and want to import/record this as a midi clip into Ableton. I’ve tried doing a normal recording, doesn’t work. I hear the sound, but Ableton doesn’t registered the played sequence as midi. It does however, if I record playing some keys.
It might me pretty obvious, but what am I missing here?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @jonnylust . Welcome to the community.

I don’t have a hardware MiniFreak. I do have the software version. To record the seq/ arp notes from that you need to record the output and not the keyboard note input. This can require you use 2 tracks. One where you basicly can record the input from the note you play, and another track that is set to recieve and record the midi note output from the triggered Minifreak V. I can use this 2 track method in my DAW.

When using the hardware Minifreak you might need to have a setting where only the seq/ arp and not the keyboard midi messages is send out to be recorded. That setting might be in the Utility > MIDI settings. Something like a seq/ arp to MIDI setting perhaps.

I hope this can help.
Perhaps a hardware Minifreak owner will step in.

In minifreak in utilitiy → midi → in the settings right affter local control you have to change the setting for “MIDI Seq/Synth” it needs to pass in the arp/seq before output… it’s your problem

that’s one thing I had already checked and was in order. Any other ideas?