Reason 12 crash when try to open Pigments 5

Hi, as indicated in the title, when I try to open the VST3 plug-in of Pigmants 5 in Reason 12, it crashes the DAW.

Thanx for any help.

HI @JayBignoise
Great to see you’ve made it over to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Have you tried un/reinstalling Pigments yet? Often this can resolve issues, particularly after an update.


Thank you for your help, problem resolved after complete uninstallation and reinstallation from Pigments 4 and update to version 5. Some slowdowns remain under Reason, but this is due to the great age of my computer. In stand alone, no problem noted.

Thx again.

Hi @JayBignoise

Great to see that sorted your issues out!

Hope you’re managing to have some fun with Pigments 5 now!