Realism in augmented brass

I’ve tried for a long time on analog synths and samplers to get synthesized brass sounds close to acoustic instruments, specifically for pop songs featuring brass sections like Solitary Man and Leader of the band. In Augmented Brass I was able to get very close to the Solitary Man section just by selecting staccato trumpet and trombone with additive brass ensemble synth and dropping attack for each to 0, all in about an hour of experimentation. I know that not everyone will use this plugin for that kind of work but it was very satisfying to go in with a plan and come out with the sound I wanted. Nice job on the UI and sound engines!


HI @Kretzpah and many thanks for your feedback!

I’m sure the team will be REALLY pleased when they read it. :sunglasses:


The augmented serie is complex and you have to tweak it to get the sounds you want. I use Augmented Brass (Brass & Honey preset trimmed down) as accompaniement to solo instruments (trumpet, fluegel, trombone) from Native’s Session Horns Pro in Gil Evans like arrangements. It sounds great. I play sax and trumpet so I know sampled instruments can’t replace the real thing.

I’m experimenting with Augmented Woodwinds to get clarinet and flute without effects. It’s interesting what you can do.

I always reply to the evaluation form Arturia sends but usually I don’t master the intruments enough to make a relevant evaluation. It would be more relevant two or three months later.

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Definitely! But that has become the norm. Amazon asks my opinion about products that I just received. What do they expect?

Do you have any recommendations for how to emulate real player techniques with the two products you mentioned?

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Yes. That’s why in Amazon I check the date on the comment. It’s usually too fresh to tell how long the thing will last.
With preset banks, it’s easier to give an opinion.