Quite high CPU load on some Buchla presets

Most Buchla presets are in the 13-14% cpu load range, but some, like ‘A Piece Of Heaven’ have a quite heavy cpu load (up to 38% in an empty Live arrangement).
I can’t figure out what causes this diference.
As I tried out, it’s not some settings in the ‘Advanced’ tab (Mod Functions, Gravity, FX).
Also the Spring Reverb isn’t the culprit.
So - what is it?

Hi @Jon_Donson and thanks for reporting this.

Any chance you could list your system spec?


The difference you exsperience is probably mainly about the number of voices the presets is set to be able to use. You can set the number of voices between 1 and 4 in Settings in the right panel.

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matjones it’s an AMD Ryzen 5 with 32GB here.

LBH you’re right. Reducing the max polyphony did the trick. Thanks again!

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Hi @Jon_Donson

Thanks for posting that, it’s potentially useful for our team to know how things perform on different hardware.