Quicklearn or mapping function? Open ears here

Is it possible to program the pads by just picking a note ( say a kick ) on the keyboard and touch the pad you would like to assign it to. The Nektar products allow this as a quick grab function.Or how is this done on the fly in Keylab. Thank you ahead on this. ; )

To add more since no response. I would assume learn mode in say Studio One would help? This is the daw I use and see I would need to do some mapping since not one of the Daws listed having being pre mapped.

Hi @Randyrhoads3 . Welcome to the community.

The Nectar controller must have to be set in some kind of learn mode first to do this.
May i ask why it has to be on the fly?

I don’t have a Arturia controller, but to me it look like i would create Template Presets and then switch between presets, if it have to be on the fly.

Programming the Pads to certain notes is easy to do in the Midi Control Center.

You mention a kick. That kick is triggered by a certain note number, that’s allready determined somehow. It can have been assigned to a pad/ note in a Drum application like for example Studio Ones Impact. If so, then you can map Impact and the controller to match notes beforehand. I understand you only have aa certain number of pads - but still.
What excactly are you trying to accomplish with an on the fly shift of note for a pad?

In Studio One Impact you can select a Pad - then mark either the first or the second note the pad shall respond to, and then play a pad or a key on your controller to have the sound on the note they represent. That’s something similar, to what you ask about as i see it.

Thank you for the response. : ) On the fly would be how fast it is to GRAB a knob and attach it to your keyboard controller with very few steps. I must say I have not had to do a ton of mapping except with EZ drummer in studio one. Can you explain more about how you would assign Impact to arturia or suggest a video. Yes the Nektar seems to be a learn mode that they call Grab where you press a button and hover mouse over say a knob and then move a knob on the controller then it is assigned. Thank you for the help here.

You can do it. To do this, switch the keyboard to Mackie mode in MIDI Control central and add a new device as Mackie (or HUI) to S1, where you specify the keyboard.
After that, you will need to map all the buttons once in the S1 control settings and then you can set them to any function simply using dragndrop. By the way, the buttons can also be adjusted to shortcuts (I did it myself).
These settings will take 30 minutes of time only once and after that you will get full access to everything)

Excellent!! You rock!! Thank you for this. I will give it a go. Have I said I love this community yet? I do!


This is’nt the same as assigning a Pad to a certain note. Now you talk about normal Midi learn assigning a hardware knob to a software knob and similar using midi CC or Control Link in Studio One…
You actually don’t assign midi notes this way.
In normal MIDI learn it’s Midi CC you assign, and that’s normally not what you need to activate/ play a software drumpad. Here you link the hardware and software using midi notes.

A hardware PAD set to a certain midi note play a software pad in any application set to the same note.

When you for example open Impact and load a kit, then pads are playing samples assigned to that pad when activated. On the pads in impact you can see a note it’s assigned to.(If you click a pad in Impact it’s active.) In the top right you see the text “1st” and “2nd” with a note name after each for the active impact pad. If you click the note value there and play a key or pad on your controller, then the note the key or Pad send out will be assigned to the Impact pad.

You can also just map a hardware pad and a software pad to the same note, and then it will work, just like it will work if you simply play the correct key note. No learning here.

I will assume EX Drummer work in a similar way.

One more question. I am trying to work on mapping in Studio One. Should I map using the midi control center or just do this with Studio One’s midi learn functions. Kinda confused on which to use.

To add to this I think I have the hang of using V lab with the controller. It is very awesome how it is mapped out. Again I am curious if it is better to use say studio one’s way of saving mapping of faders and knobs or using the Midi Control center. And is there any good example videos to demonstrate.

I think this is answering the question I have about mapping in midi control center or doing it in studio one. Can you advise a video to show this in action for Midi Control center? I believe I have found some on studio one. Any help is appreciated again. And thank you for the help here. : )