Question about AudioFues Studio and USB audio in


I am new in HW mixers and hardware. I have plan to buy some hardware which can communicate with PC throught USB. But I want to play with them without computer too, and therefore I need some mixer and I found AudioFuse Studio interesting, but it is not clear to me what it really does.

For example, from pictures there are three USB, but I have no clue for what (I can’t find any info about that). But I found digital mixer (unfortunately discontinued) that can connect some hw device through usb. But all those devices was from one brand including a mixer. The question is, can I use that usb, and connect my hw to that usb into AudioFuse Studio, and use it as audio input (meaning that hw device transmit audio signal to AudioFuse throught usb with many individual tracks / outputs)?
If yes :

  • can I use more different devices to connect it with USB?
  • and If I need, can I use USB hub for even more devices?
  • how many usb inputs can AudioFuse can handle?

As far as I am aware it is just a build in USB Hub

On the 16Rig there is actually one USB Port for Midi that can be used to control the internal mixer or can be used to passed trough the Midi outputs on the back of the unit