Q: How to load sample banks/libraries

Hey this might be a dumb question but i want to use the cmi-v to explore my sample library folders on my computer.

Is there any way to load a sample library within the plugin? Do i have to have the samples within the local folder for the instrument? If so, how do i even find that?

Hope this question even makes sense, any help appreciated!

In the Screen window (Accessed via top right), under each of the tabs are the 10 slots for sounds. Each has a Folder Icon to allow loading of your samples. I dont know what filetypes are supported but a Wav file imploded ok for me.

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Hi @Glyph_ka ,

In an instrument slot click the Folder icon. Then you can browse to any sample.

You can read about instrument slots and sample load in the manual section “5.1. Instrument Slots”.

Dragging and dropping onto the slots is also supported which is pretty convenient way if you use an external sample manager

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Thanks for your replies everyone, I guess I was hoping to be able to browse through my samples without having to drag in each one. I can browse them in my daw but I figured it would be nice and easier to be able to immerse myself in a cmi v session without having to go back and forth.

Hi @Glyph_ka ,

How is what you want different from what i wrote you could do?

Sorry if I’m mistaken but I understood your comment to mean you could load one instance of a sample. Is that not correct?

I’m asking if there is a way to go through a collection of samples similar to the browser tab. I.e being able to link alternative pathways to the plugin browser as opposed to what’s included in the stock library.

That’s a more specific question @Glyph_ka .

You unfortunately can’t load a sample library into an internal browser. But you can browse through your samples in a folder you browse to.
Even if you had the samples in an internal browser you would still only be able to load one sample from the browser into one slot at a time.

It would be nice if user samples also could be visible in a browse inside the instrument like with the original samples.

BTW. Sorry @Funtmaster. I did’nt see you post. You must have posted while i wrote about the same method.

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Just in case: The only way to load multiple samples at a time into CMI is to load a CMI preset that consist of multiple samples. It’s not possible to load sampled instruments libraries from other applications like Kontakt, Falcon or whatever. The equivalent to such instruments in CMI is it’s presets.