Pulse Sounds for Pigments by Arovane

I have now implemented the concept that I developed in 2020 with U-He’s Hive “pulse for hive2”, pulses for cinematic music, advertising trailers and the scoring of games, with Arturia’s Pigments synthesizer.

Pigments enables very complex controls through the “function generator” envelopes. These rhythmically modulate filters, oscillator volume, grain parameters, effect parameters and much more.

The complex function generators interact with the mod wheel, which plays an important role in this sound set. All movements in the presets are largely controlled by the mod wheel.

With the preset “Comb Pulse” for example: it is possible to fade from a pulsating rhythm to a bandpass filtered pad.

Another good example is the preset “Decoupled”. Here you can continuously slow down a 16th beat to a standstill and even transform the envelope of the function generator into a mirrored waveform.

“Pulse” is suitable for the accompaniment of film scenes, action scenes, for creating suspense, for game music but also for electronic music in general.


Thanks for posting!
Some really nice use of the entire ‘sound stage’ there, very engaging and dynamic :grinning:

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