Prophet V Presets Factory?

Does anyone know if there is a bank that includes the Sequential Circuits factory presets for Prophet 5 (either rev2 or 3) out there? I’d be willing to pay!

Looking for these (in Arturia form)

Hi @markview and welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Iirc they are included with The Prophet 5V, I know I do have them on my system but I am not able to access my machine at this moment.
I’ll check tomorrow and post back here.

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It looks like 511 - 556 from that list are included (Arturia Prophet-5 V Presets numbered 11 - 56), but I don’t see the rest anywhere. Maybe the 11 - 58 that are included in P-5 V are from an older original factory set?

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@Talahamut and @markview

Thanks @Talahamut before i had a chance to look today, yep it seems you’re correct here.
Just checked my system with the same result.

Thanks. Yes it would be great to get the entire original factory set.
They seem to only have a small portion of them.

I wonder if anyone out there has done this?