Programmatic control of octave keys

Pretty much as the title reads - I’d like to create keyboard shortcuts (on my laptop keyboard) to control the Oct- and Oct+ buttons - that way I can have one hand on the laptop, and the other on the keyboard. As far as I can tell, there’s no software (official or not) that can control the octave keys, so reverse engineering is tricky, particularly as the buttons aren’t just an OFF/ON value but have different states. All the sysex reverse engineering so far that I’ve found hasn’t been able to identify anything that controls octaves.

Could a dev chime in on whether this is possible in any way?

As there is no answer yet, I give you a very speculative one: I think it is possible in any way but you will not get it soon.

Why ist it possible? Obviously it is possible to send information from the DAW to the controller. It is done for many values. Like you I suspect it requires some programming of the controller to turn this into the behaviour you want to get.

That’s why I think you will not get it soon if ever. Your wish is very special. The other direction would be much more likely, getting octave switches into the controller. However, they are already there.