Problems with Essential Mk3 and Ableton

Someone else have issues with daw integration with Live 11?
I bought a mk3 49 key version. Everething is fine with arturia plugins but in ableton the transport section doesn´t work. Neither the fadders, knobs, the center wheel and the contextual buttons. Additionally, the pitch wheel works like a fadder of select track.
So… someone knows something? :frowning:

Hi! I have the exact same issue and also A#1 to D2 don’t sound. Have you found the solution?

It could be a misconfiguration of Live’s MIDI preferences. Could (both of) you share screenshots of that window?

I’ve had the same issue but i also noticed the most bizarre thing? Certain keys basically are linked to some MIDI inputs, like when i press D5 it activates the loop function ??? There’s also some instances of this with the MIDI controls buttons doing something else completely ? like when i press play it puts a certain track pan to 8L and when i release it it goes back to center. this is insane what is going on