Problem with morphee

Hello everyone, I registered on my Polybrute that when I create sound A and I want to set, for example, a Ladder filter and I want only a Steiner filter on sound B, it doesn’t work and if I set a ladder filter on sound A and a Steiner on B and flip the knob back to the A sound, so the Steiner remains active for me. I find this strange because I saw on the official video from Arturio that the light should flash depending on which sound and setting I’m on and it even changed the intensity of the light. I tried it on both HW and SW. Thank you for any response.

If you want the buttons/switches to be different for the A and B sounds, you have to hit the Morph button (one of the the matrix mode switches), and then select Edit A or Edit B in the menu.

So hit Edit A, set the filter routing to Ladder, then hit Edit B and set the filter routing to Steiner. Now you can morph between the two routings.

Ref. the User Manual “10.5. Morphing sounds”.


Definitelly, I’m stupid guy. Thanx so much man!