Problem mapping in USER mode in DAW

I am using the Kelyab 61 MkIII in Bitwig 5 connected via USB with the KL Essential mk3 device selected.

I will have a patch open in analog lab, switch prog to the arturia and it automaps fine to the macros in the synth. No problems there.

Then I switch to user mode because I want to map the same knobs to parameters in bitwig for automation when I am in that mode. When I do that it works fine, but when I switch back to Arturia mode to control the Analog lab synth again, the knobs are still mapped to the User parameters. So instead of turning knobs and affecting the analog lab synth, I am moving the automation macros I made. This makes the different prog modes seem useless to me.

I have to think this is user error in my setup or something. We only have 9 knobs and faders so that doesn’t offer much versatility if they can only map to 1 thing across all user modes.

Is there something I need to do in the settings? I build macros differently each session so I need to be able to grab a knob and map it on a whim while in Bitwig. In other words I can’t preprogram what the user knobs/faders will be mapped to in the Arturia MIDI software.

Any help appreciated, let me know if I did not describe this well.

I figured it out, just responding to myself in case anyone else has similar issue.

I had to sync to midi control center, go to User1 and highlight each knob/pad/fader I wanted to use. Set the range from 0-127 and the assign each one a different unused CC. Once I did that I could go into the DAW and map each knob wherever I wanted without impacting the settings in the Arturia or DAW profiles.