Presets version 3 to 5

I took advantage of the discount for a Kraft Tribute bank presets which was partly edited with Prophet V3.
I loaded the demo version of which certain sounds interest me and those of this bank, how can we swap them from the V3 version to the one I have version 5 or VS.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @PascalH_59 ,

The Prophet V3 presets are unfortunately not compatible with Prophet-5 V or Prophet-VS V as they are complete rebuilds.
You can use the Prophet 3 presets in Analog Lab V. Enable Include Legacy Sounds in the main menu. But you can’t do any deep preset editing unless you own Prophet V3. You can edit using the parameters that are avaiable in Analog Lab V.

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Good evening @LBH,
thank you for your message. I suspected a compatibility problem, moreover Prophet V3 is in demo but is no longer for sale.
I’m going to do as you suggested to me on Analog Lab.
Have a good end of the day or have a good day, here it is 8 p.m.

Good evening @PascalH_59. You are welcome.