Preset changes every time I play what I recorded

Hi. I found a preset I really liked and recorded something with it, but every time I play it back it defaults to the default preset. I have to keep clicking the black navigation knob every time I play it for the preset that I want to play. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Can anyone help? I’m having trouble advancing with my music making because of this.

What DAW are you recording into? Any more details you can provide will help others to work out what’s happening.

I am using Logic Pro X. So I have a preset selected that I like and I recorded it, but when I play it back it defaults to another different preset. Then, in order to listen to the preset I actually want, I have to click on the black knob every time I play it back.

Hi @4mor777 . Welcome to the community.

What black knob are you refering too?

How did you record?
Did you save your DAW project after recording?
Which Plugin format did you use? AU or VST2 or VST3?
Have you checked if a ProgamChange is sent from your DAW to the software?

I’m not on MAC.