Pre-sale Questions

I was browsing the manual to understand some features and still had the following questions:

  1. I have 3 computers using Analog Lab Pro, which currently have no way of syncing favorites and playlists. With Astrolab, should I only sync with one computer? Or could it become the “hub” to sync all existing computers with the same settings?

  2. What is the physical storage limit the Astrolab? My custom CMI and Pigments patches use a lot of samples!

  3. Does scale mode also function like transpose if I keep it set to chromatic while changing root note? (not using arp or chord mode)

  4. Does chord mode allow a custom chord per key?

Feel free compile is a Q&A with other user questions.

Not sure about the first question, but for the others:

  1. When connected, Analog Lab displays the storage of AstroLab as a little over 22GB, with the factory library using around 6GB.
    (according to the specs, the total storage size is 32GB, so, that means around 10GB are reserved for system files / plugin instruments)

  2. Scale mode and Transpose are different functions. As far as I know, there’s no Chromatic scale, since that’s the default when Scale is OFF.

  3. Chord mode allows one custom chord (not per key), but what’s cool is that Chord and Scale can work together, so, depending on the scale and root note, the chord on each key will vary to stay in the selected scale.

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Those answers were helpful. Thanks for taking the time.