Pre-listen presets

Hello everyone,
sorry if my english is not great.
I am considering purchasing the Keylab Essential Mk3 and I would like to know if you can pre-listen to the presets before loading them into the keyboard like de komplete Kontrol Mk2 ?

Hi @TAZ . Welcome to the community.

This is my opinion.

Most of Arturias presets load in an instant. None take a very long time. It really does’nt make any sense to have pre listen.
A pre listen file is usually just a single note. Perhaps it can be helpful for presets that take a long time to load.

As it is, then i think pre listen files for Arturia products will be annoying and take diskspace.

Have you tried to download Arturia applications and tried to change presets in demo mode?

Some presets in Komplete Kontrol can take a very long time to load. There a single note pre listen perhaps can help. But a sound can sound very different in different ranges.


Thank you for your answer.

I do not totally agree with you because since my push 3 this function has allowed you to listen to short sounds but also mood synthesizers without cutting it.

Extremely practical.

This would have been a real plus.

Hi again,

FYI: Many of Arturias factory presets that also come as NKS files for the Komplete Kontrol software that load the files do have pre listen files. So if you use the Komplete Kontrol Software, then those have pre listen that way allready.

BTW: Keep in mind that you don’t load anything into controllers. Controllers can control software and other hardware.