Power persistence through supply switch?

Hi: I power up/down the rack with the Furman power supply switch, but need to press the 16rig button each time as well it turn it back on. Can it be set to come back w/ the power supply?

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HI @submute

This doesn’t seem to be possible currently, and without knowing exactly how the power management is controlled in The 16 Rig, i couldn’t possibly comment any more, whether it’s possible or not.

The most information i can find is in The AFCC manual P 22/52 ‘Power Mode’

it might be worth you dropping Support a message to see if they can enlighten you further.


I just thought I would bump this to see if there’s a way to have it power on when the rack power comes on versus needing to press the button.

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i would love that feature !

Add me to the list of folks who’d like to see this. It’s a little niggle, but I have a lot of my powering up automated, and the 16rig has added an extra step I’d be happy not to have to make.

Hi, same here. I would love the addition of an automatic power on when power supply is restored!