Post all your feature update requests for Mk3 firmware here!

Feature requests, bug fixes and radical ideas for the Essential Mk3, comment below. Please refrain from suggesting updates for Mk4 etc.

My feature requests are to have more information on the screen about what a controller is controlling, and make it easy to change the speed of the encoders go from 1 to 127.

  1. Not sure if this counts as firmware, but I would like the KeyLab Mk3 to use similar rotary knobs to the KeyStep Pro, in that they detect a touch and show the current value without needing to change anything. It would be great if the faders were similar, although I could live without that as someone who usually uses the Pickup mode to avoid sudden changes.

  2. As a Pro Tools user I am used to having to deal with less robust controllers that don’t fully implement the HUI stuff. But I’d love to have the knobs show me their mapped control when I’m in an AAX plugin, and a Flip mode that will shift to let me use faders if I want.

  3. Please make the jog wheel work as a shuttle in Pro Tools!

  4. I love having the Undo and Punch controls available on my KeyLab MkII. I wouldn’t want to give those up. Summed up over a year or two those have probably saved me several days of time in shifting position while tracking.

  5. Map select button #9 in HUI mode so it lets me change the mode for other select buttons – mute, solo, arm, select track.

I’ve played around with MIDI and HUI controls to build some of this stuff on my own so I know it’s not simple. But would be great to have it built in, and probably will cause me to buy a KL61 Mk3 when they come out. I have a KL88 MkII and will likely keep that too because it’s a great feeling piano style controller.


I’d love a way to reassign the pads to notes on the fly without having to go through MIDI Control Center - perhaps by using the keys?


I second that.

Hi @barnabasjohnthomas – not sure if you were aware you could already change pad controls on the MkII without using MCC. Hold down the User button on your MkII until you get the Move an item… prompt. Then hit the pad you want to reprogram. You can use the wheel to scroll through parameters, click to select the one you want, then scroll/click to change values.

You can also hit a key on the keybed in the User Parameters to change anything else you would otherwise use MCC for. Have fun!

Appreciate the support. I’m not sure that works with the KL Essential 61, though.

D’oh! I just realized this whole thread was about the Essential MkIII, and not things we might like for the later KL MkIII! So sorry @barnabasjohnthomas and thread readers.

(It occurs to me that part of the “buy-up” value of the standard KL line (vs. Essential) is a more feature-rich firmware inside, so these on-the-fly things are possible.)

I’d love to be able to have my keylab essential 49 MK3 be able to go into sleep and/or vegas mode.


I would like to see a more complete integration of the keyboard into Studio One, not only through the HUI, but to have the metronome, tap tempo, and quantize keys work. Also, to be able to adjust the volume of the channel without jumps (as implemented in Bitwig or Ableton). Also, with such integration, you want to see information on the display.

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Yes. please don’t forget.

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when creating User Templates, you want to be able to assign each element its own name, which will be shown on the display. Also, when creating your own parameters on the transport keys, it is not possible to change the color of the buttons. Very strange, because all this was in version 2, and now it is all taken away from me. Why?

It would also be great if it was possible to specify the value of not only midi CC, but also shortcuts. For example, how Novation did it in Launchpad

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The Knobs in the DAW mode should report relative values not absolute, this is even available for custom modes but just not selected in the DAW mode resulting in weird pickup situations

I’d love to be able to have my keylab essential 61 MK3 be able to go into sleep and/or vegas mode.

I realised your mistake, but as I also have the Keylab mk2 and as I like your suggestions for the mk3, I gave it a :heart: anyway

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