Possible to modulate on release of an envelope, only?

Is it possible to configure a modulation to only occur on the release segment of an envelope? Specifically, I’d like to have the filter cutoff decrease on release. I could use a different envelope or LFO, but I don’t know that it’s possible to trigger the envelope (or LFO) to start running based on the release of a primary envelope.

Hi @coedfrenzy . Welcoem to the community.

You can use a Function in Envelope mode for this.

You can also run a Envelope thru the Remap function in a Combinator.

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Thanks, LBH! I’d be very curious to know how you might go about engineering it in either the Function or Combinate modes, since as far as I can tell, there’s no discernible method of detecting when the envelope hits the Release phase.

Hi again @coedfrenzy ,

I’ve made 3 example files in a bank just to show the principles. I’ve added a reverse polarity ENV example in case you can use that. Then there is a Function and a Combinate example. The bank is attached to this post. Just download and import the bank into Pigments using the import function in Pigments main menu.
Read the presets comments.
Edit parameters to understand what works how.
LBH Release Mod X.pgtx (353.6 KB)

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Okay, got it! Thanks! I didn’t realize that the Functions functioned :slight_smile: like envelopes, and I also was trying to use the ENV VCA to accomplish my goal when I should have been using the other two VCAs.

Your examples were excellent. Thanks!

One last q: in the Function graphs, what does it mean when a node circle has an “S” in it (and I guess, how did it get there?)

Glad it helped.

S= Sustain level. The Function stay at this point untill key release, if the point has been reached before key release. Try it out.