Pops/clics parasites in HARMO and SAMPLE modes

Bonjour, Hello world. I am a desesperate today.
I am a new purchaser of the Microfreak. I detect major problems. If I cannot resolv it , I would not able to keep it … I installed latest firmware
In HARMO mode, every time I type on the keyboard, the note starts with a kind of pop, crackle or click. It’s systematic in this mode.(this problem does not appears under firmware 4!)
I also have this problem pop/clic/parasites in SAMPLE mode.
Under SAMPLE, when I load my own wav file, often, extraneous parasite posps/crackle sounds are added within the sound itself once played on the keyboard.

I discovered that these problems are finally not hardware related because the phenomenon also appears when MIDI notes are directly sent to the Microfreak from Logic Pro (not taping on the Microfreak keys). I conclude that these problems are related to the Firmware or another aspect. What to do ? (I’m sure the wiring is good)

Could you help me to find a solution

Can you record what you are hearing and share the audio file?

If you reduce your Master volume, do the clicks still occur?
Are HARMO and SAMPLE the only oscillator types that cause these clicks?
In HARMO, if you adjust the other oscillator parameters (Content, Sculpting, and Chorus) do the clicks still sound the same?
If you load a factory preset that uses the SAMPLE engine with factory samples, do you hear the clicks?

Yes it happens even if i change volume master. It is more audible when i go an octave down!.
For HARMO, i tried to sculpt and play with many config and combinations… No success. I only dont listen these pops when I go high in octave, since shrill sounds end up camouflaging these pops or glitches. These pops/parasite sounds appear at the beginning of the sound (for HARMO) when I type, or anywhere in the sample for SAMPLE mode that i uploaded.
There are the files (sorry not very melodic)

HARMO played file
SAMPLE with my uploaded wave file and played.

For SAMPLE, often the pops is somewhere else in the played sound.

Also, under Firmware 4, the HARMO osc do not have these problems!

All theses problems seem related to Firmware 5 …(?)

Can you export the HARMO preset you are using (in MIDI Control Center) and attach that preset file here as well? I’ll see if it acts the same on my Microfreak.

There are the files (new wav file generated with this preset… very basic)


Thank for help and sorry for my limited english :slight_smile:
The only thing that i am very sure, is this is not at all related to cables audio/usb but oscillator modules related for a strange reason. If i never succeed to resolv these problem, i will leave definitively this synth in the week


I loaded your preset, and on my Microfreak, it does not sound the same as your audio recording. Mine does have a little click, typical of a fast attack, but it not quite as “chirpy” as in your recording. Is it possible you have something else going on in Logic that is modifying the sound? Or different parameter values on your Microfreak that you didn’t save into the preset?

hmmmmm at this time … i do not really know…(it is not helping my answer :slight_smile: )

New try ( I effectively not saved properly the first time)


Sorry, my music will not inspire you for a song

Well, ours both sound the same now. But unfortunately, I think that quick attack click is just a quality of the oscillator. I don’t know if it sounded different in earlier firmware versions, but I think they did add some new Utility->Preset->Modulations->Env settings recently.

If you’re sure it sounded better in firmware 4.0, I would contact support and see if they’re aware they’ve made it too clicky now.

I also noticed that if you turn on Paraphonic (with Decay/Rel set to 0), the sound is similar, but not as clicky as when monophonic, probably because the envelope is applied differently. That might make it closer to what you would prefer.

thank a lot for all your help! You are smart!
I will continue my tries based on your info, and probably send the synth back to amazon this week… Have nice week!

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Hello! I don’t know if it helps but I had a clic problems on some samples. I initially thought it was the attack or the tail of the sound so I put fade in and fade out in audacity but the clic persisted. So I used Normalized with the limit to -1db (so, below the max which is 0) and the click disapeared on the Microfreak :wink:

Under SAMPLE, when I load my own wav file, often, extraneous parasite posps/crackle sounds are added within the sound itself once played on the keyboard.

If the audio distortion occurs in the same part(s) of your sample, I had the issue too, in my case with a few default firmware samples. Fixed by re-uploading the damaged samples using ASC.

thanks for suggestion. I will test it :slight_smile:

ok thank for help :slight_smile:

Fixed by re-uploading the damaged samples using ASC.

I mean MCC, ofc.