Polyphonic Glide?

Any way to get smooth polyphonic glide happening? On some other synths I’ve played, you can max out the voices and make the notes glide smoothly by playing the notes in the same order (e.g. rolling every chord up from the bottom). j3po video on the prophet 6 for reference

The glide behavior I’m getting out of the Polybrute is pretty strange. I can manipulate the voice stealing by rolling chords, and I can tell it’s working right based on what note goes away. But the glide always starts from the last note that was glided to. That probably makes no sense, but here’s a video of it. I mean it’s a cool sound, but I would also like to be able to have the smooth polyphonic glide.

If this isn’t currently possible with a setting I’m missing, I wonder if it would be possible to implement in an update?

The only glide settings are related to time and mono/unison playing. There is no way to change the glide behaviour unfortunately.
So you raise a point indeed.