Polybrute Voice 4 Not Sounding In BP Filter Mode

I recently (about a week ago) purchased the Polybrute Noir, and I am noticing that when I set the Steiner Filter to BP mode, I get no sound from the 4th voice. This happens with both VCO 1 and 2 with every waveform. As far as I can tell, the “no-sound” only happens in BP mode. This happens as soon as I turn on the synth and continues even after it has been on a for a while (3-4 hours). I have updated to the latest 3.0 firmware (twice), conducted manl individual and “all” calibrations, reset, restore, went through the “debug mode” process as instructed by Arturia, left the synth unplugged for several hours and plugged back in, but the problem persists. Waiting on Arturia to get back with me on further troubleshooting suggestions. Any ideas? Anybody else have or have had this issue? Thanks

Hi Popp…
yes me, it ws voice 5 for me.
But in my case, there was always a slight mistune and the calibration ended almost everytime in an error.
It took a while to solve the issue, but Arturia was very helpful to get things right.
Since then all normal here.

…sounds like you went through all possible standard check routines the support usually suggests.

Hi StudioDeutz,

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, mine seems more like a hardware issue. Maybe something going on with the Steiner filter knob. In a nutshell, what did you and Arturia do to eventually solve the issue you had?

It was a hardware issue in my case too, as all possibilities of tuning failed.
In my case (might be different for you though) I got finally the “order” to return the PB to the reseller for further inspections.