Polybrute Connect freezes every 3-4 seconds for approximately 1 second

I have an issue with Polybrute Connect application which freezes every 3-4 seconds for approximately 1 second. I noticed that each time a freeze occurs, my SSD drive usage peaks. It happens in regular intervals all the time.
This happens in a standalone app and VST aswell.
It happens even when the Polybrute synth is not even connected.

Please see the screenshot of my SSD drive usage while Polybrute Connect app is enabled.
The application freezes at each SSD usage peak.

My system is Windows 10 x64 with all the updates installed.
I’m using AMD Ryzen 7 5800x3d processor.

Has anyone encountered similar issue?

Hey @cup0ne and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Hmm, yeah that is a little odd for use, one thing springs to mind here, do you have antivirus or antimalware software other than the Windows one running on your machine?

Are you connecting your PB via USB or ‘grown up midi’?
I ask as it could also possibly indicate that your USB ports are being allowed to sleep, they should be set to ‘always on’ for this kind of purpose.


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I do not use any antivirus software except built-in Windows Defender.
I connect Polybrute via USB, however the same thing happens whether the Polybrute is connected or not, so the connection type is not the cause of the issue.

Hello !
This may be linked to one of your bank (of any Arturia synth).
You may want to try to delete the .db3 file in order for it to be freshly recreated.

If it still occur, we need to find what bank is causing the problem but that will be debug step 2.

Cheers !

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The issue has been resolved after removing the following folders and reinstalling Polybrute Connect.

@Tim.Arturia Thank you for the clue.

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I’m glad it solved your issue !

Have fun with your PolyBrute :slight_smile:

Cheers !