Plug the Keystep into a USB hub?


I noticed that my Keystep is not recognized when plugged into a USB hub, which is a pity.

Is it normal? Maybe it depends on the USB hub type/brand.


I never had problems with the Keystep plugged into a USB hub. I use Atolla hubs and the Keystep shows up on all OS I use (Linux, iOS, Windows).
Possible reasons: Your hub is not working, cable broken, or you are using a charge only USB cable that does not transmit data for your KeyStep.

Thanks for your reply.

I found the solution. I had to use a different USB port. USB 3 port did not work properly but USB 2 did the trick.

NB: I also noticed that it was not directly linked to the Keystep. So maybe we can close the topic.

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I have found that the Keystep won’t work on my cheap 4 USB port hub. My Macbook would not recognise it at all. If I plug the USB directly from the Keystep into the Macbook all is good, If I use my Dell monitor which has a powered USB (x4) hub the Keystep is recognised. I guess some USB hubs are quite basic and can’t deliver the power. As you say, they are not all equal and types /brands differ wildly in quality.

If you ever use a USB hub, make sure that is a powered hub.