Plenty of presets of libraries for Collection V not working

“This preset cannot be loaded in Astrolab because its sound engine is not compatible”. This is the message I receive when I try to use JMJ, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, … libraries…

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if there is a warning sign on the preset line, it can not be transferred for cpu reason i would say. More, some presets cannot be transferred because V collection X instruments are not yet astrolab compatible and astrolab should be updated for this when ready.

I think you tried to load what they call “legacy sounds”.
Some sounds are designed for older instrument versions.
For example, “albedo lead” (Vangelis tribute soundbank) only works with the CS-80 V3, not the CS-80 V4.


@rcmusic, it’s not for CPU reason.
Analog Lab presets that cannot be transferred to AstroLab are presets that are not from instruments of V-Collection 9 (or are Mellotron V presets):

  • Presets from new intstruments in V-Collection X, such as CP70V (those should be added in future AstroLab updates)
  • Presets from “legacy” versions of instruments that were redone and replaced by newer versions. (for intance, AstroLab can load presets from Prophet 5V and Prophet VSV, but not from Prophet V2 nor Prophet V3)
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