Pigments Sequencer / Should I think of the TRIG PROBA sliders like "on" "off" buttons

I’m learning and enjoying the Sequencer in Pigments. I understand what the TRIG PROBA sliders are for in terms of randomization. However, I’m thinking about the Beat Step Pro sequencer that I own and older hardware sequencers from back in the day (ex. Klaus Shultze) which I think had simple “on” “off” buttons for each step.
On my Beatstep pro I enjoy having a sequence all composed (ex. 8 or 16 steps) and then turning individual steps on or off as needed during the song. Like Tangerine Dream might have done.
Should I use the TRIG PROBA sliders as “on” “off” buttons for the sequence steps or is there a better way to turn steps on and off in the Pigments Sequencer?


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Hi @Morris,

You can use the Probability sliders as step on/off.
Also the Gate sliders can be set to zero and then there’s no sound for the step.
That’s the possibilities you have.
Unfortunately you can’t automate the sliders. So it’s only useful for live performance and when recording direct to audio.

It would be nice if we had step ON/OFF automation. But that’s a feature request you can post, if that’s what you wish for.