Pigments saving samples in inconsistent and weird places

Hi all. Seeking advice from Pigments gurus on the following!:

Currently, if I drag and drop a sample from:


onto a sample slot in Pigments either in DAW or in standalone, the expected behaviour I had was:

Pigments should copy sound.wav into C:ProgramData\Arturia\Samples\Pigments\User\Imported.
C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Samples\Pigments\User\Classic Samples[subfolder]

But the actual behaviour: the patch gets saved with the reference to X:folderA\folderB\folderC\sound.wav (i.e. it doesn’t copy to the resources location at all).

I could have sworn that it was copying to the resources folder via DnD before. Maybe it was always like this. However…

If I use “Import file” in the sample browser window in Pigments and import the file X:folderA\folderB\folderC\sound.wav

I also would expect it to import it into C:ProgramData\Arturia\Samples\Pigments\User\Imported (or the classic samples folder)

But the actual behaviour is:

It copies it to C:ProgramData\Arturia\Samples\Pigments\folderA\folderB\folderC\sound.wav

Frustratingly, it has created all these extra useless folders, and hasn’t touched the Imported or classic folders at all.

Has something changed in an update? I have older patches where the samples seemingly ended up in the right place, not with the strange folder hierarchy…
But I also wanted to ask if this drag and drop behaviour is expected as well… i.e. it doesn’t import it on DnD?

Thanks to anyone who can help here!

Hi @composerlarkin . Welcome to the community.

Yes i do think this has been changed. It has bee a wish from many not having to import samples.

It would be nice, if the manual was better about this.

From what i can see, then the sample is’nt imported, when using drag and drop or when FOLDER view in the sample browser is active. Be sure to have a Folder there if in use, as it seems you can’t see the sample path, unless it’s in a folder.
It would be nice to be given a choice to import or not.

Samples seems too be imported in the current selected location in the sample browser.

Have’nt that much time now. Try to test, if you see the same behavior.

I have’nt checked the release notes through ASC yet. Perhaps there is some info there to check out.

Hi LBH Thanks so much for the reply!

Upon reflection I understand why it would be a requested feature. If it doesn’t collate the samples in resources, it frees up the system drive and prevents duplicating samples. BUT, it does mean that if people spontaneously decide to download a sample say from freesound.org, the assumption might be that they can drag the sample from their downloads into pigments and start creating. And they can, but without documentation on how Pigments works with files, that end user will run into missing samples issues down the track.

Ok so we just have to remember that:

  • Drag and drop = references file from original location on computer.
  • Grabbing a sample from FOLDER view = references file from original location on computer.
  • Import = brings it into the resources folder (in ProgramData on windows) sometimes with odd folder structures, seemingly sometimes just OUTSIDE of the User folder. (so copy/backup the entire samples folder, or all resources).
  • (wavetable drag-and-drop and folder import I need to confirm, but I think in both cases they move things to the resources folder).

So in order to continue using Drag and Drop, my solution is to always collect samples that I intend to use with Pigments in one place, which I’m going to keep in sync with across desktop and laptop.

A checkbox to save samples with patch could be a good option/feature in future that could reduce room for error.

Hi @composerlarkin ,

Are you saying, that the none imported samples are not exported, when you use the Export feature?

I’m not sure how the import of such presets samples will appear. I have’nt had time to test between computers. Have you tried it?

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Ah my apologies, I hadn’t found the patch export feature. That looks useful. I will try it out in future.
To clarify, I was talking about sample import before, not preset import.
Thanks for your help with this. I’m not having issues with it anymore and am happy with how it’s working.

You are welcome.

Yes i know.

I still would like:

  1. An option to choose import sample when using Drag and drop.

  2. Having the none imported samples paths to show in the Folder section of Pigments sample browser, even if a folder is’nt choosen when i drag and drop.

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