Pigments, Keylab essential, Logic Pro X, recording automation

Hello everyone,
I was not sure if I should post this in the Pigments section or Keylab (or even try going to some Logic Pro x forum). I’m sorry if it’s in the wrong location. It all worked out in the end but I wanted to see if there was a more elegant solution.

I’m using…
Keylab essential 61 along with Pigments in Logic Pro x. Everything is great. I’m able to control Pigments parameters (ex. filter cutoff etc) using the knobs on the Keylab.
-Here is a little something that did not work as expected last night (however, I did find a workaround).
I wanted to use the knob on the Keylab essential that is set up to control MACRO 1 in Pigments. I set logic to the LATCH automation recording mode. I push play in Logic everything is going, then I start turning the MACRO 1 knob on the Keylab however, no automation gets recorded to the track even thought I do see the Macro 1 moving in Pigments and I do hear the result.

Then I tried the same thing again but instead moved the actual Macro knob in Pigments with my mouse. That worked, automation was recorded into Logic.

I was wondering why automation gets recorded when I move the Macro 1 button directly with my mouse but not when I move it with the knob on the Keylab. It’s not a huge deal…I did find a workaround…I have to go to …Logic, Settings, Automation…, and then turn on the Automation Quick Access button and have Logic “learn” the Macro 1 knob on the Keylab. Then it worked. So all is good. : )

I guess I just assumed the automation would be written automatically by moving the Macro 1 knob on the Keylab without (after all, that moves the Macro 1 button in Pigments) having to teach Logic to learn the knob on the Keylab.

I hope I’m explaining this clearly.
thanks for your help and ideas.


Hello Morris,
I don’t have an answer to your question, however I want to ask you for help, because I see that you are more advanced than me.
Three months ago I bought pigments but I don’t know what the steps are to start using it with logic. Could you or someone from the community help me? I work long hours and my time exploring software is limited, and for me they are still very intelligent and I don’t understand them much. aid!