Pigments feature suggestion

I create a lot of Pigments patches Sometimes I use the Macros as a sort of on/off switch for instantaneous effects but of course I have to turn a knob which slows things down and affects playing. Can I suggest Macro on/off switches - especially as all Arturia and many other midi controllers have pads which could be used to toggle a macro effect on/off.

If there is a way to do that already with midi CC’s - please let me know.

Hey @Funtmaster

I cannot remember off the top of my head and am rather tied up at the moment, so i’ll mark this as a feature request meanwhile.

Hi @Funtmaster,

You can simply assign a button to any parameter including the macros.

You can for example even set both a hardware knob and button to use the same midi CC number (it has to be the same midi CC number to work). Then both hardware controls can control the the parameter that have or midi learn that midi CC.

Thanks. So I can assign a pad on my Keylab to a macro but how do I set it up so that it toggles an effect on and off for example?

Hi, you can try setting the pad to toggle cc mode.



Well that took a little figuring out as, conversant as I am with Pigments, I have always shied away for all the midi mapping stuff. Anyway, I worked it out eventually and yes - its works. Now I can map the 8 pads on my Keylab to different “things”.

This is what I was after and I suppose there is no need for a feature request now…

Thanks for your help!