Pigments - complete list of MIDI cc values

Is there a complete list of all MIDI cc values and the associated button on the interface? The MIDI section provides about 16 values but it would be useful to have the complete list as I’m planning to map multiple pages of my Faderfoc EC4 to the various pages in Pigments (Play, Synth, FX, Seq).

Hi, maybe I’m missing something here, but from what I know, if you open the Settings zone on the right, and then MIDI, you can add the parameters you want by clicking the Add control button and then assign them to your MIDI Controls by clicking on the Learn button. This means that we don’t actually need a “default” list, we can build our own so that it fits our controller(s).

Thanks mchantzi, I’m aware of that, but as you know, this opens a page with hundreds of items. I’m planning to program my Faderfox (possibly three or four pages of 16 knobs - which is very fast to do once you know the cc’s) with the relevant subset of cc numbers (hopefully from a complete list of cc’s) rather than add the pigments controls in the MIDI section and then have to map them to my Faderfox.

There is no complete list of CCs for every control. A main subset of controls can be found in MIDI Config: Default (on the MIDI Control panel), but anything more will need to be created or imported as a custom MIDI Config.