Pigments 5 VST2 "not compatible with Live 10"

Hi. I have a bunch of projects that use Pigments vst2 and 3, in Live 10. I’ve updated Pigments and I’m being told that the VST2 isn’t compatible with Live 10. I tried installing an archive version, and it just crashes Live on opening.

Additionally, none of my user presets are in Pigments 5. So I’m currently stuck not able to use any of my projects. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Pigments.

Hi @Whtrz . Welcoem to the community.

Is it a Pigment 5 install? If it’s from the archive (older version), then it’s not.

Where do you have that information from? Did you try it yourself? I have no information about this.

Perhaps you have made a install mess.
I suggest you uninstall Pigments, restart the computer and then install Pigments 5 again using Arturia Software Center.

Also delete the db.db3 file in your main preset folder, in case it’s corrupt. The preset database file will rebuild, when you open Pigments.

Hopefully that will solve your issues including the missing presets.
Otherwise i think you have to contact Arturia support thru your Arturia account.

Yes, a dialogue box popped up when I opened Live and said that “Pigments VST2 was incompatible with this version of Live”. That’s where I got this from.

No, that was the point. VST2 version of 5 clearly wasn’t working with Live, soI uninstalled 5 so I could get my old version of 4 back so I could at least carry on with my work.

Bottom line is I cannot get the VST2 version of 5 to work with Live 10. Thanks for the tip about the presets though, I will definitely try that.

Just for your information.
I’ve just tried to load Pigments 5 into the latest version of Studio One 3 that’s much older than Live 10. No issues it seems. Studio one is now on Studio One 6.
I wonder why there should be issues in Live 10. Afterall is’nt the latest version of Live 10 only 3 years old? Can’t tell if there is something speciel with Live.